SM, BIG HIT, JYP, YG gathered in one place “It’s hard to have a concert offline”… Ministry of Sports and Culture “Preparing for 2nd half of the year”

Representatives from the top K-pop labels gathered to express their concerns about performance in light of the ongoing pandemic and have asked the government to set guidelines for offline concerts.

On June 19, a meeting with the Ministry of Sports and Culture (MSCT) was held with a total of 8 K-pop companies including representatives from SM, Big Hit, YG, and JYP Entertainment to discuss the guidelines for future offline concerts based on the pandemic situation. Kim Hyun Hwan, the director of content strategy of MSCT said they are reviewing whether off-line concerts can be possible in some small areas. They are preparing off-line concerts through 4 cities in Q3 and Q4, and it will be determined by the situation of Covid-19 and the discussion with health officials.

Also, Director Kim added that small and medium-sized labels will have a hard time holding on-line concerts so they are also seeking methods to help them so they can hold online concerts. Examples of successful ticketed online shows include SM Entertainment’s ‘Beyond Live’ and Big Hit Entertainment’s ‘Bang Bang Con’ with hundreds of thousands of viewers. cr

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1. Religious events, clubs and entertainment facilities that have the biggest impact on corona spread in Korea are still operating without any sanctions. Even water parks are opened and they’re still able to perform musicals, but we’re only not allowed to attend concert? This is discrimination

2. But if one of the people who attended the concert was infected with Corona and didn’t wear a mask, it would be a disaster

3. A safer way to make money is to expand online concerts rather than offline concerts…..

4. So they allow musicals and theater?????? Then why not concerts????????? It’s true that it might be dangerous… But they’re strange

5. Offline concerts are so dangerous at this point. I think they should continue with online concerts..

6. There are many foreigners coming to Korea to watch concerts so this is so dangerous, I think that’s why they don’t allow offline concerts at this point.

7. Movie theaters are already packed, just give our concerts back

8. Please don’t, your health is first

9. If they allow musicals and theater, why can’t they allow everything at this point?

10. No, this is too dangerous

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