SM, JYP, YG, Big Hit plans for new boy and girl groups so far

SM, JYP, YG, Big Hit plans for new boy and girl groups so far

2019 Launching SuperM in the US
2020 New girl group, New boy group, NCT project (Overseas localization group)

2020 Domestic girl group (vocal group?), Japanese girl group, Chinese boy group through Hong Kong Group
2021 Domestic group

2020 Treasure 13, New girl group

Big Hit
2021 Multinational girl group ‘Bangtan Girls’

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1. Bangtan Girls…? Bangtan nothing but Bangtan…

2. Bangtan Girls….. Let’s call them Big Hit girl group…

3. Bangtan is Bangtan ~

4. Bangtan Girls…? Just call them girl group..

5. Multinational…?

6. SM’s new boy and girl group … I have a lot to say, but I will wait patiently for SM…

7. It’s not Big Hit’s new girl group, but under Big Hit’s label

8. I really hate JYP for debuting Japanese girl groups, just debuting Kpop girl group

9. Can YG debut Treasure 13?

10. YG’s rookie group is really sadㅠㅠ

11. Big Hit, give up multinational girl group……. ^^ There are many Korean girls who are really good …

12. Before SM wants to talk about new boy group….. Please rearrange NCT system …

13. Rookie of the year…? I’m looking forward to it

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