SM pulling off an SM again

A picture of NCT DREAM’s kino album uploaded with one member has been deleted

SM pulling off an SM again

This is the original album that they uploaded

SM pulling off an SM again

The cover of ‘Love Again’ for their kino album

They have 6 members so how can they make this kind of mistake
The missing member is Jaemin

original post: theqoo

1. Wow this is really too bad

2. SM… let me down again…

3. This is too big to be a mistake??????

4. Hey… stupid… They’re crazy

5. Is this possible? The missing member is Jaemin, I’m really sad

6. How can they make this mistake? They are f*ckers

7. This is too much

8. Only 6 people and they make mistakes like this…?

9. …..??? Is this possible? I purposely deleted one member?

10. SM made a mistake that I couldn’t even imagine…

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