The 4th member of Aespa is revealed -Giselle-

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1. She looks pretty in these pictures, but I’m curious what she looks like in real life

2. I guess she’s in charge of the rap part of the groupㅋ

3. She looks like Cosmic Girls’ Dayoung

4. Is she Japanese?

5. Is she Korean or Japanese? Personally, I hope she’s Korean, I don’t like having foreign members…

6. SM’s girl groups gave me high expectations for their new group. I know they have good skills but I’m really disappointed with their visuals..

7. Winter is the prettiest in the group

8. She looks like a member in Lovelyz, but suddenly I don’t remember her name ㅠㅠ

9. She looks like Park Myung Ssoo’s wife, Han Soo Min

10. I’m curious about her skills

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