Red Velvet’s Wendy side, “She has been discharged from the hospital, her health has recovered significantly, but she’s still receiving outpatient treatment”

SM reveals Wendy's current health status

On April 3, a source from her agency SM Entertainment shared that she has been discharged from the hospital and added, “Wendy’s health has recovered significantly, but she is still receiving outpatient treatment.”

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1. [+616, -30] Sad about ‘Psycho’.. It was really their best song, best performance..

2. [+339, -8] I hope she takes care of her health and comes back soon with a good song^^

3. [+301, -10] I think ‘Psycho’ can climb back up the charts if they go back to promote it

4. [+29, -0] She must’ve been severely injured to be receiving treatments this long ㅠㅠ Wasn’t the accident last year? ㅠㅠ She needs to be well treated right now to make sure there are no problems later. Focus on treatment instead of activities~

5. [+24, -2] Can’t they just have a second comeback with ‘Psycho’? I will pretend that I don’t know.. It has been a good song since ‘Red Flavor’ for a long time

6. [+22, -0] SBS’s fault

7. [+17, -0] She has been discharged from the hospital.. She’s suffered a lot

8. [+15, -2] I was surprised to hear that she donated 100 million won…. She’s so kind

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