SM rookie girl group ‘aspect’ to debut in November.. 6 years after Red Velvet

aespa is a combination of ‘æ’, which means ‘avatar x experience’, and the English word ‘aspect’. The group name is supposed to symbolize meeting your other self as an avatar and experiencing a new world. The group will be debuting in November. This is SM Entertainment’s first new group since NCT in 2016 and its first girl group since Red Velvet in 2014. cr

original post: theqoo

1. Don’t debut Chinese and Japanese members, please

2. The name ‘aspect’ sounds weird! Anyway, I’m curious about SM’s new group

3. Is it because of Irene’s scandal? I bet Red Velvet will be like F(x)

4. Oh, I’m really curious about the members and the concept of the group

5. So what about Red Velvet? What will happen to Red Velvet?

6. Why did SM include it in SuperM’s MV? I thought it was SuperM’s next album

7. I hope SM will debut a girl group with a strong concept like BLACKPINK

8. What about Red Velvet?… How many comebacks can they make in the future?

9. Well, because of Irene’s scandal, SM is rushing to debut a new girl group in November…

10. SuperM is a project group but can SM promote the new girl group in their MV?

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