SM Rookie girls are expected to debut in Aespa


Yoo Jimin


It’s a 4-member group
If this is true, it’s like adding one more person here

original post: theqoo

1. Winter and Jimin look a bit alike

2. Please throw away the Chinese and Japanese members

3. I don’t want to see Chinese idols, why will SM let Chinese trainees debut? Look at Victoria, the Chinese idols are distorting Korean history

4. Is that foreigner Chinese? SM really can’t lose the Chinese

5. I don’t like Chinese idols, but NingNing is pretty

6. It seems that NingNing is the visual member

7. Why are you guys so racist against a kid who hasn’t even debuted yet?

8. These days, small and medium girl groups seem to have more visual members

9. SM, is there anything you can feel when you see the national petition put in place?

10. NingNing is the visual member here

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