SM trainee is the visual center of the next girl group

Real name: Kim Sung Kyung
Date of birth: 030303

original post: theqoo

1.So when is the next girl group to debut?

2. When will she debut? She was much taller.

3. The combined feeling of Sulli and Kang Jiyoung

4. The more she grew up, the more beautiful she was.

5. She looks like a combination of Jisoo and Irene.

6. She is pretty but it doesn’t seem to be enough for SM visual center

7. She looks like an actress.

8. She doesn’t become more beautiful when she grows up. Is this the most recent pictures of her?

9. Her recent pictures show that her face has changed a lot, she’s not as beautiful as before …

10. I saw her a few months ago and she’s really beautiful. I saw her tall and her face was small. It’s Lami.

11. When will Lami debut?

12. Honestly, she is not very beautiful, she is not completely a visual center.

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