SM’s hidden male trainee captured by netizen

SM's Hidden Male Trainee

original post: instiz

1.He already looks handsome..

2. I love you..

3. His eyes, nose, and lips are barely seen but I can already tell he’s totally the type of visual that SM really likes. He gives off Yang Yang and Jaehyun’s vibes..

4. That’s totally the type of neck that SM really likes.. Almost all of SM’s artists have long necks..

5. He looks like Jungwoo, Yang Yang, and Jaehyun.. I can already see his perfection through those eyes..

6. Please, debut soon.. (An SM Stan)

7. He looks handsome even when he covers his face..

8. He somehow reminds me of Jaehyun..

9. How is it possible for him to look handsome when he covers most of his face..ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

10. I think he reminds me of Bae Jinyoung..?

11. I can tell he’s from SM just by looking at his neck..

12. I thought he was Bae Jinyoung..

13. He looks like the mixture of Jungwoo and Jaehyun..

14. Are you sure he didn’t just pop out from a manga book..?

15. This Noona will wait for you.. Please debut soon~

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