‘King of Masked Singer’ 2R battle … The Rose of Versailles is Girls’ Generation Tiffany

SNSD Tiffany shows her amazing voice on King of Masked Singer

SNSD Tiffany on King of Masked Singer

Lost 42 – 57 in Round 2 to singer Jin Hae Sung

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1. [+523, -45] I like her voice. She sings well.

2. [+327, -33] I watched Tiffany’s interviews in the US every time on YouTube. It’s great to see Tiffany in Korea after a long timeㅠㅠ

3. [+218, -13] Tiffany Young is the best

4. [+182, -7] It’s good to see Tiffany after a long time.

5. [+157, -12] Tiffany, I love you.

6. [+63, -7] She’s really good at singing. I saw her say hello at 90 degrees, and I talked with my family about how her head would touch the ground. Tiffany’s good personality seems to be one of the reasons why she could be in the top girl group.

7. [+49, -7] The vocal line of Soshi is the top of the 2nd generation, Taeyeon is legendary, Tiffany has also improved her Korean pronunciation, Seohyun and Sunny did quite well.

8. [+44, -3] Her voice is full of R&B pop styles.

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