Some fans of EXO start raising money for newspaper ads calling for Chen’s withdrawal from EXO

The ‘EXO-L ACE Alliance’ announced on social media, “We need to contact one of the major media companies to continue the drive to oust him. The most influential means is newspaper advertisement. The advertisement will include a third statement and a brief message of support for his withdrawal. We are aiming for the end of June, and we need about 3 million won in additional funds to do so.”

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1. [+2185, -197] Just watching you ignore your fans will make you feel better

2. [+2080, -137] I think Changmin’s wedding announcement yesterday is standard. I like his sincere handwritten letter. Most of all, the letter was filled with thoughts about our fans. Chen is in full swing and active in EXO (Some people say no, but … Most of the members are soloists. How many members can go solo in a group?) Chen said his girlfriend wasn’t pregnant, but his girlfriend was actually pregnant.
Don’t compare Chen’s fans with Changmin’s, who have accumulated trust with his fans.

3. [+1072, -62] It’s funny to compare Chen and Changmin. Chen said no when he was dating and made money on his schedule. But it turned out he had an accident with his lover for several years, so they had a child and got married. Changmin admitted when he was dating, getting married and writing a handwritten letter. Write sincerely for your fans and at least don’t lie.

4. [+102, -9] Chen, you’re gonna have to leave….

5. [+78, -16] How do fans feel about spending money on his withdrawal?

6. [+70, -2] Changmin went first with a proud heart of love and marriage. Chen said no and he kept saying no, so he got cursed at. It would’ve been different if he had admitted it from the beginning like Changmin. Like the other members of EXO who have a public relationship.

7. [+67, -5] Wowㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Why did he still stay in EXO?? Just leave, pleaseㅋㅋㅋㅋ

8. [+61, -4] A human being called an idol….. But pregnant before marriage…. Do you feel sorry for the other members of the group?

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