Some members of IZ*ONE are preparing to extend promotion contract with CJ ENM

According to one media outlet report on January 12, discussions between CJ ENM and the respective agencies of the IZ*ONE members are picking up in 2021.

One industry insider claimed that CJ ENM recently met up with representatives from some of the members’ agencies in order to discuss details surrounding a potential extension of IZ*ONE’s contract. Although, the report noted, that this was not the case with every member of IZ*ONE. But in the case of some members and their agencies, they have held discussions with CJ ENM since as early as October of last year.

Furthermore, another industry insider also put forward this statement: “While on paper, IZ*ONE’s contract ends in April, internally there have been settlements aimed at ending the group’s promotions with the end of 2020. The head production staff members of the survival program have been arrested and are on trial, and the contract for the dorm shared by the IZ*ONE members also ended in December of 2020.”

Supposedly, CJ ENM will respect the decisions of the agencies who decide not to extend their contracts with IZ*ONE, while working with those who are in favor of the idea more closely. If IZ*ONE successfully manage to extend their contract into later on in 2021, the group will become the first ‘Produce’ project group to achieve this feat. cr

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1. I don’t care much about idols and I’m not a fan, but I think it’s right for IZ*ONE to disband. If I were an IZ*ONE member, I would never extend my contract with CJ

2. They are shameless, where have they sold their conscience? CJ is disgusting

3. To be honest, it’s a waste that IZ*ONE disbanded. Not many girl groups sell albums like them, their songs are good and their skills are good

4. They are so brazen. IZ*ONE should be disbanded quickly

5. I hate to remind this way that it is profit generated through manipulation

6. CJ is really the worst…

7. I like their songs, but I think IZ*ONE should be disbanded

8. Just disband

9. If the contract for the dorm shared by the IZ*ONE members ended in 2020, where are the Japanese members now?

10. Where is CJ’s conscience????

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