Looks like Dispatch is really mad

Something between Dispatch and Big Hit happened?

“We have found the Jim Jones audio file that Suga used as sampling. He used 2 of them. In the description, it read ‘infamous cult leader’. How did Big Hit be the only one who didn’t know?”

But it’s true that their clarification article was weird

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1. [+557, -43] The fans were hating on them to death, so Dispatch’s journalists must have gotten mad

2. [+521, -11] Did they fight? Just a year ago, they would still follow BTS to their filming sets and would kiss their asses and set them as their profile picture

3. [+472, -34] Has the media ever taken shot at any group on SNS like this?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ They didn’t even say anything like this during Seungri’s scandalㅋㅋ Why??

4. [+195, -3] They took him out of the composers’ registry so Dispatch got mad

5. [+187, -1] I don’t think they get mad just because of the fans. The fans’ money must be more important to them…. I think something between them and Big Hit must have happened

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