“World disaster vs humanity” … Song Hye Kyo X Yoo Ah In under controversy for “Love for Wuhan” support

Song Hye Kyo and Yoo Ah In under fire for "Love for Wuhan" posts

Song Hye Kyo and Yoo Ah In shared photos on their SNS captioned, “LOVE FOR HUMAN” that also reads “LOVE FOR WUHAN” when the “H” and “M” letters are swapped and rotated.

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1. [+11525, -552] Because they both live in luxury houses and get driven by their manager reality hasn’t really hit them in the face yet. Right now, everyone is wearing masks in cafes restaurants, shopping malls, bus stations, movie theaters, subways, etc. There are warnings everywhere saying “if you came back from China don’t enter”. They’re living like princes and princesses so they must not feel what reality feels like right? Or do they just not care because China gives them all the money and love for them to launder and evade taxes with in Korea? What “love for humanity” are you guys talking about? Would you guys even care about international peace and international relations? Just say you’re looking out for China. Honestly, if you don’t know the truth just shut up.

2. [+10203, -327] I’ll only believe this if they go to Wuhan and do volunteering there

3. [+5103, -182] Why don’t you go to Wuhan and do some volunteer work where you guys give out masks?~~

4. [+5922, -1064] Joongki-ya, you did well divorcing her… I’m glad you did it so quickly.

5. [+3942, -1064] Because they made a lot of money from my Chinese fans. It’s like when Bae Yong Joon donated money to Japan during their earthquakes. They should be doing the same instead of posting things on SNS like this.

6. [+2818, -59] Enjoy the facilities that you have in your home without a schedule until the virus goes down by lying on a pile of money, whether it’s 3,000 won or 30,000 won for a disposable mask, or whatever. I used public transportation to work every day and spent 150,000 won per month on a mask for our families. I’m an ignorant person. I don’t know about humanity. I’m sorry. But hey, you’re paying your taxes these days, right?

7. [+1627, -108] Song Hye Kyo is getting more and more problematic. I hope you don’t take drama in our country anymore.

8. [+1500, -82] They’re more worried about maintaining their cash cows in China at a time like this, so selfish

9. [+1290, -74] Tell me why you didn’t open your mouth during the Hong Kong protests then

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