Song Hye Kyo, I got more beautiful… Goddess beauty overseas

original post: naver

1. [+525, -66] Her image is becoming similar to Lee Mi Sook…

2. [+435, -58] The country is in a mess, so let’s not put this up.

3. [+537, -193] I’m starting to see her getting older….

4. [+355, -44] A few weeks ago, she was on SNS cheering on Wuhan, but didn’t she say anything to the Korean people?

5. [+164, -19] Her love for China is really showing. Our country is in a mess right now because of the Corona but she’s showing off her level of sponsorship with luxury brand.

6. [+144, -19] She can’t hide her ageㅋㅋ She looks so fierce.

7. [+144, -40] Yeah, just live alone like that! Don’t ruin a good man’s life.. Enjoy life the way you did before..

8. [+103, -13] She needs to lose weight at the waist..

9. [+108, -21] She looks pretty in real life