Song Hye Kyo, Comfortable greetings from New York … “I will have a good time”

Song Hye Kyo attends Ralph Lauren's fashion show in New York

Song Hye Kyo attends Ralph Lauren’s fashion show, an American fashion brand held in New York, USA.

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1. [+2017, 169] Drama is drama and love is love … If they get married and stay together, they’ll see moree disadvantages than advantages. If you’re rich and capable, you don’t have to worry about it,you just split up and go your own way. The person who is sad is going to live with it while worrying about the future. Each person has different choices and lives. No one can say bad things … It’s their lives.

2. [+1880, -858] But Song Hye Kyo looks like a girl even though she’s married, even after divorce… That’s her ability. She’s getting prettier~

3. [+907, -387] She’s still pretty.

4. [+1226, -997] Honestly, she doesn’t look good

5. [+297, -101] Celebrities are hard jobs. They don’t have privacy… You don’t want to be in Korea… It’s better to cheer for someone than to find out what is wrong. Both are doing their best in their respective positions.

6. [+280, -197] You don’t look pretty.

7. [+600, -519] The photo is not good

10. [+112, -32] Love must have cooled down… Money is plentiful, young, no children and nothing to miss… What a pity when you endure marriage….

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