Song Hye Kyo’s side “The reason was because of their differences in personality, please refrain from leaving provocative or speculative comments”

“The reason was because of their differences in personality. The two were unable to overcome their differences, which led to this decision.”

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1.[+703, -39] I don’t think it’s a personality difference. Song Joong Ki’s drama is also on the air. The fact that he applied for a divorce is that Song Joong Ki’s anger is at its height.

2. [+799, -290] Park Bo Gum …

3. [+400, -63] The difference in personality is not the reason for divorce, Song Joong Ki tried to keep it, he’s out of step? I like personality difference.

4. [+336, -55] It’s divorce settlement. Don’t make rumors. I’m not even a fan, but They’ve already had too much malicious rumors.

5. [+244, -28] What’s the difference between the two?

6. [+225, -57] Whether she cheated on him with Park Bo Gum or not…Soon after she got married, I thought Song Hye Kyo herself was a selfish human being. Besides, I know she’s kissing her husband’s best brother, and she’s choosing a masterpiece. I’ve already predicted it from there.

7. [+152, -12] Personality can be deceived and personality differences cann’t tolerate fraud?

8. [+93, -13] I don’t know. I feel sorry for Song Joong Ki. I can feel it. That the Song Joong Ki looks like a victim.