Song Joong Ki – Song Hye Kyo, Applications for divorce “Hope to settle the divorce process in a smooth manner”

Hello, this is Song Joong Ki

First of all, I apologize for bringing bad news to everyone who loves and cares about me.

I have arranged for my divorce with Song Hye Kyo.

We both hope to settle the divorce process in a smooth manner, rather than attack and blame each other.

Please understand that it is difficult to reveal the stories about our personal lives.

From now on, I will try my best as an actor to repay everyone with good works.

— Song Joong Ki

original post: naver

1.[+3981, -24] Well … Is it a dream? I haven’t slept enough.

2. [+2001, -323] Wow… If Song Joong Ki had filed for divorce, what was Song Hye-kyo doing?

3. [+1397, -121] All right. You filed for divorce and you must share the reason for the divorce.

4. [+1028, -32] It’s been a shock since morning.

5. [+772, -60] The killing part is that Song Joong Ki posted the message first, and the word “hurt” can be interpreted.

6. [+701, -14] More shocking when they get married

7. [+783, -119] If Song Joong Ki filed for divorce first, he might have spotted Song Hye Kyo behind, disappointed with her, or found something bad. It’s obvious that he’s going to get out of the wound and make up for his acting. It’s like Song Hye Kyo has something in her life. I’ve been so shocked since this morning.

8. [+927, -264] I snatched a good old Song Joong Ki and soon got divorced… You’re angry. You’re getting married in such a hurrycrying …

9. [+779, -123] Hye Kyo has to live alone. Song Joong Ki is ordinary… Hye Kyo is exactly the opposite… It wasn’t Hye Kyo from the start.