Song Joong Ki’s dating rumor with a lawyer… Threatens to sue ‘strong legal action’

Song Joong Ki threatens legal action against dating rumors with a lawyer

On June 11, a source from the actor’s agency History D&C stated to OSEN, “Song Joong Ki’s dating rumors are not true. There have been groundless rumors spreading within the legal industry, but upon checking, it was not true.”

Recently, rumors of Song Joong Ki dating a lawyer had surfaced within the legal industry. Personal information belonging to a certain female lawyer who works at a law firm was shared among people via mobile instant messaging services, and it was rumored that the lawyer was dating Song Joong Ki. cr

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1. [+1807, -265] He denied many dating rumors with Song Hye Kyo until right before their marriage, while threatening legal action against the rumors. Then he changed his stance overnight, shut up about his previous statements, and put out news of their marriage. I don’t trust any of his statements anymore. He’s a celebrity who will always prioritize his agency, CFs and himself before his own fans

2. [+1216, -230] Celebrities always seem to be under a lot of stress….

3. [+882, -219] Just trust that he’s not if he says he’s not

4. [+248, -10] He threatened to sue for rumors when he got married, he threatened to sue for rumors when he got divorced, and now he’s threatening to sue for rumors about dating a lawyerㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+174, -14] But who is he trying to sue?

6. [+166, -9] He’s always threatening to sue, sigh

7. [+164, -6] He’s always so cranky

8. [+157, -5] Looks like Song Joong Ki is always ready for a fight

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