[Exclusive] Song Joong Ki, new start after divorce … Also parts ways with agency after 7 years “New path”

Song Joong Ki to part ways with Blossom Entertainment after 7 years

On December 17, a Blossom Entertainment representative shared, “Song Joong Ki’s contract expires at the end of December. There are no plans to renew the contract.” Song Joong Ki has been with Blossom Entertainment since February of 2013.

With news of his upcoming contract expiration, agency KakaoM was reported to have recruited the actor. However, an agency representative responded, “We have not tried to recruit Song Joong Ki. These claims are groundless.” cr

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1. [+3689, -102] Why are you mentioning his divorce here?

2. [+1489, -74] He made a company with his hyung. I heard he was going to move in there. Isn’t that right?

3. [+1082, -82] Looks like it’s the trend to have a one-man agency seeing how he made one with his hyung.

4. [+891, -139] He made a company with his hyung before he got married, and Song Joong Ki is the executive directore there. As expected, he just moved to a family business.

5. [+657, -89] How many exclusive articles with the same content?

6. [+363, -123] Actor Song Joong Ki, fighting!

7. [+301, -103] Let’s just walk the flower road in 2020!

8. [+448, -253] Are the bad guys here are Song Hye Kyo fans?

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