Do you debut ‘Produce X’ trainee? Starship “debut new boy group early next year”

STARSHIP reportedly to debut a new boy group next year

original post: naver

1. [+306, -3] Goo Jung Mo and Ham Won Jin let’s debut

2. [+204, -5] Please put in Ham Won Jin and Goo Jung Mo… Please let them debut……….

3. [+176, -4] I want to see Moon Hyun Bin, Goo Jung Mo and Ham Won Jin!!

4. [+129, -2] Ham Won Jin and Goo Jung Mo, please make your debut together. I can’t let one of you fall off.

5. [+69, -0] By the way, is there a trainee beside Goo Jung Mo, Ham Won Jin, Moon Hyun Bin?

6. [+63, -0] Ham Won Jin, make your debut.

7. [+56, -1] Awesome. Won Jin, I miss you. I’ll wait for you.

8. [+52, -0] Do you have Goo Jung Mo, Moon Hyun Bin, and Ham Won Jin? I want a definite answer on the statement.

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