Starship’s official statement regarding MONSTA X Kihyun’s school bullying

February 25th, Starship released their second statement in which they revealed Kihyun’s school records.

Starship Entertainment stated, “We would like to share our stance about the posts and rumors that were spread about our artist, Kihyun, in various online communities. It has been a long time since the incident, so there were possibilities for aspects that might not have been checked. Therefore, it took extended time in checking these things, so we apologize.”

The agency continued to state, “Regarding the allegations about school bullying, we checked some facts with school officials, alumni, and a few acquaintances. Most of Kihyun’s classmates stated that he did not commit any school violence. We have attached Kihyun’s school records as a reference and evidence to our claims.

According to the school records, the teachers praised Kihyun for being a bright student who is artistic and creative. The teachers in middle school assessed, “Kihyun has an easygoing personality. He seems to have a difficult time focusing in class but still has a sense of responsibility and diligently finishes the task given to him.” During high school, Kihyun’s homeroom teachers wrote, “Kihyun has an abundant amount of artistic sensibility. He’s a bright student who is diligent and kind. He’s very good at expressing his feeling and has a strong sense of leadership.”

In the career path counseling record during middle school, Kihyun wanted to be a pastor, singer, or businessman. During high school, Kihyun hoped to be a singer or songwriter. cr

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1. Who here doesn’t know that there are only good words in the school records? I don’t think there’s any evidence that he’s not a bully

2. Is this an explanation?

3. Everything is easy at that agency

4. Really shameless

5. His school records can’t be proof that he’s not involved in school violence

6. If we discuss personality based on school records, 99.5% of Korean students are good people

7. I realized how far the entertainment world ignores the public with this incident.. Do they think the public is stupid?

8. This is a comedy..?

9. Does Starship think we are idiots?

10. His fans are stupid

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