Status of rookie candidate of MGMA

Status of rookie candidate of MGMA 2019

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1.Why is Ha Sung Woon a candidate for rookie of the year?

2. But Ha Sung Woon debuted before and he is a solo member from Hotshot, why is he a candidate for rookie?

3. What is Ha Sung Woon? He is a member of Hotshot.

4. Oh, Wanna One’s firepower is still alive.

5. Are you a rookie if you debut solo from a group?

6. Ha Sung Woon is a candidate for rookie. Why are Chen and Yunho not in the candidate list?????????

7. The war of former Wanna One members.

8. Yunho should be a candidate for rookie.

9. I think Park Jihoon is more famous than Ha Sung Woon or Kim Jae Hwan.

10. I also want to vote for Yunho.

11. The former members of Wanna One, I hope you do not take them into candidates for rookies. Honestly, they are not rookies, are they?

12. I don’t understand why a solo member from a group is a candidate for rookie because they are not a rookie. It is really strange.

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