[Music Bank] STAYC who got good responses with their live stage today

original post: theqoo

1. They sing well live and I like their expressions on stage

2. Oh, they did well. Seeun is the best. She’s the perfect visual member, but she’s so good at digesting her part

3. They danced well and sang so well

4. I was surprised when they did better than I expected.. I hope they become more popular in the future

5. Wow the song is high, but the members are all good at singing

6. It’s really hard to find kids with good singing and good looks, but the company is small. How did you get those kids?

7. The members are all pretty, they have no visual holes, they have no dance holes, and they’re good at singing live. I think STAYC will be a big hit

8. Yoon is so pretty but also sings well

9. The members are all pretty and their skills are good too

10. The members are all good at singing live, Sieun is really good

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