Stray Kids’ Han released an apology..

“Hello, I’m Han from Stray Kids.

Firstly, the lyrics I wrote around 2013 when I was 13 have become controversial, and they’re causing great concern to fans and many others. It’s my fault, and I have no right to explain. I’m truly sorry.

I wrote ignorant lyrics during my immature days because I wanted to rap. I apologize for hurting a lot of people because of the lyrics I wrote without thinking.

Through this incident, I read through the opinions left by many people, looked back on my past lyrics, and thought a lot about them.

I chose to be a singer to express myself through music and empathize with more people, but I’m only ashamed of myself for writing these lyrics in the past.

I know it’s not an act that can be forgiven just because I was young, so I’ll reflect on myself and repent more.

I’ll always cherish the importance of love and support from so many fans at home and abroad, and I’ll be a person who stands on the stage with responsibility.

Once again, I sincerely apologize to all the people who’ve been hurt by my past actions. I’m sorry.”

Stray Kids’ Han is under fire for racist and ableist slurs in a past rap song.

Netizens recently discovered a rap track written by Han when he was 13 years of age, and they’re expressing disappointment with the content of his lyrics. In a sound clip spreading on Twitter, Han’s alleged rap lyrics state, “Are you a kkamdoongie foreign laborer, you motherf***ing pig bird,” and he also refers to mental hospitals and mental heath patients in an offensive way.

The term “kkamdoongie” is known as a pejorative against people with darker skin, and netizens are stating he was referring to Southeast Asians due to a history of people from Southeast Asia traveling to South Korea for employment involving manual labor. The rap was uploaded to YouTube by Han before his official debut and has since been deleted, but netizens later re-posted the clip on Twitter. cr

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1. I know the controversy thanks to this post

2. The lyrics were too much. Even if he wrote it when he was 13, he should write an apology and reflect on his mistakes

3. To be an idol, it seems you shouldn’t even spit on the floor since you were born

4. He should apologize because they have a lot of overseas fans… These days, overseas fans are really scary

5. All the kids who can’t be popular seem to have a reason…

6. The lyrics are disgusting. Black fans must have been hurt..

7. Foreign fans must have been hurt. Even if he wrote it when he was young, he should apologize. All he has to do is show a good image in the future

8. A middle school student used those words…? OH MY GOD…

9. I bet his personality is badㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ People won’t change their personality easily~~

10. Look at those lyrics with the middle school disease

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