BIG3 3rd Generation Idols Who Seem To Be Charting Out In Only 3 Days

Stray Kids' new song "Miroh" ranks 965th on Melon chart after 3 days

1st day #549
2nd day #759
3rd day #965
If you’re below the top 1000, we won’t even be able to see them in the chart anymore

original post: theqoo

1.I really like Stray Kids but they seem to have no public appeal

2. It looks like their genre is their biggest weakness. They’re doing even worse than Day6, even Day6 aren’t charting well compared to their good music, is it because of their band concept?

3. I didn’t feel the song this timeㅠㅠ I listen to a lot of boy group songs and I like Stray Kids but this is my opinion

4. I’m another group’s fan and their song is good, try listening to it

5. For a male group, who usually rely on their fanclub, this ranking is looking pretty bad for them

6. The song is fine but the first rapper was so so… And the MV is no comment

7. For JYP, their girl groups have both international and domestic recognition while for male groups, it’s mostly international, their response looked fine internationally

8. The song is good so this is a shameㅠㅠㅠㅠ

9. The song is good and the stage is good too though?

10. Last time a lot of people swore at them for not selling their albums, it’s really hard for male idols to gain recognition through digital sales if they don’t have fandom power

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