Subjective Top 6 best female idol dancers

Lisa, Lee Chaeyeon, Seulgi, Yooa, Chungha, Soojin

Is there anyone else?? But they really dance so well

original post: pann

1. [+253, -117] SinB

2. [+208, -32] I thought that Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon would be here but she’s not ㅜㅜ

3. [+154, -81] All GFriend members dance well but SinB gets buried a bit, SinB’s dancing is also no joke

4. [+130, -94] Yooa and Soojin are not that good no?

5. [+102, -12] Lee Chaeyeon for real, I think she’s one of the top female idols. To be honest, she flew around as if her body weighed 1 kg… She dances so well that even people who don’t know about dancing will think “so that’s what dances well”.

6. [+94, -23] Lee Chaeyon, Momo, Yooa and Lisa…? Soojin is good too but she’s not very good at dancing. Her facial expression makes her performance fancier and cooler. But I don’t think she’s the top female idol dancer.

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