The guy who barged in Sulli’s Instagram live

Sulli repeatedly gets harassed by a man during Instagram live

She was staring somewhere with an unpleasant expression.

After a while, she was doing the refusing gesture, there were comments in the chats from fans who were asking who it was

Sulli became suddenly alert and you could hear a man’s voice
He was mumbling things like “I’m a Sulli-ssi fan, but I’m drunk” and Sulli didn’t give an answer. Suddenly he said “Don’t misunderstand me, I respect Sulli-ssi” and Sulli just nodded without saying anything and he disappear

Suddenly he said “Sulli nim, you can’t even say anything to me?” and Sulli quickly hid her head

Sulli was hiding in her friend’s chest and her friend said “No, she refused many times before” and the man said ‘Ok’ and left

After the guy disappeared, the friend told Sulli “Should we stop?”
And Sulli nodded

original post: theqoo

1. Oh, yesterday I felt once again that celebrities these days are extremist jobs…… Ah, so sad ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

2. It’s pitiful to see celebrities who don’t have their privacy… She was just resting with her friends

3. Female celebrities often have such trouble… It’s really scary

4. Is he crazy?? If you are drunk, go home and sleep.

5. Sulli must’ve been so scared

6. So disgusting … He thought he was a friend of a celebrity, Is he crazy?

7. She must’ve hated it, she looks so scared

8. If he’s drunk, he should be silent. Why is he acting so ugly? If she refuses, he should stop … Is he crazy?

9. Oh shit .. I really hate it.

10. He was rude

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