Sulli’s older brother expresses anger about property conflict “Father hasn’t even visited my younger sister’s grave, let’s just live please live like strangers”

Sulli's brother reveals that her father is after her wealth

“I want to carry the sadness of my younger sister’s death on my own, so how can someone who’s our father talk about problems related to her money to acquaintances when he hasn’t even visited my younger sister’s grave… If we’re strangers, let’s just live please live like strangers.” – Sulli’s older brother

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1. [+1763, -15] He should never inherit the estate if he lived as a stranger to her. I hope her older brother can handle it..

2. [+1407, -29] Honestly, isn’t a significant part of the reason why she chose to commit suicide because of her father? Many celebrities who committed suicide are not attached to their childhood family relationships. If the one fails to act as a parent when the child needs to feel better with love, the child grows emotionally weak. Even if you look like an adult, you can easily shake your emotions that are not firmly rooted out when you have a hard time. The majority of people who commit suicide have parents who never fulfilled their duties. You’re not a parent just for giving birth to someone.

3. [+990, -11] And now she’s dead, and her father is looking for the money she’s made in her life. He wasn’t curious about her news, but now he’s squeezing out tears and suddenly thinking of her because he wants her money.

4. [+844, -15] You’re not a parent just because you gave birth to her. Trash is trash.

5. [+303, -8] This is too much for someone who calls themselves her father

6. [+222, -3] She’s dead, how dare he assume that she would be happy in heaven?… Is he really human?

7. [+201, -5] It’s obvious he doesn’t want the money to give back to society but to use for his church, sounds like his pastor is convincing him.

8. [+143, -7] Does he know anything about social rehabilitation and church donations? It sounds like the money is going to go straight back into his church.

9. [+134, -1] Reminds me of the mother of the Cheonan soldier. When her son was a child, she abandoned her son, but now her son is dead, so she called to share the compensation.

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