Sunmi, stage queen “My knees are always bruised”

Sunmi complains that her knees are always bruised
Sunmi complains that her knees are always bruised

Sunmi posted a photo on instagram with the title “My knees are always bruised”.

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1.[+839, -171] No, you should not use your knees for choreography. It’s sexy dance, so it’s choreographed, and you’re practicing like that.

2. [+515, -105] You want to get attention with the kneeling dance …? You don’t have enough singing skills…

3. [+408, -36] The stage is good, but I thought singing practice should be a priority. I saw it at the event in Yeongdong, and it’s so bad.

4. [+433, -219] Did you see Kang Soo-jin and Park Ji-sung’s feet? ostentation

5. [+215, -12] Don’t do so, if you do not protect your knees from the beginning, it will be degenerative arthritis.

6. [+61, -4] It’s all about making knee-jerk choreography…

7. [+51, -13] Why are comments like that? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Sunmi fighting

8. [+42, -9] Sunmi gets a lot of bad comments every time the article comes out. What’s wrong with Sunmi? What did Sunmi do? She just posted on her Instagram because she tried her best. And some people are saying sarcastically about Sunmi. Don’t live like that.You really look pathetic, ladies. Just keep your head down. please

9. [+38, -8] She can’t sing live at all, how she can perform at the concert. It’s a mess of singing.

10. [+36, -6] Aren’t you trying to make money? There are many people who work harder and worse at construction site and restaurant. Of course Sunmi will try to do a good performance, too. But I don’t know why she complained.

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