Super Junior’s Leeteuk sends DMs to non-celebrity women

My friend is a model who has a nice car and is well off. She also runs a luxury car drivers club. She likes cars, so she has a lot of car-related posts on her Instagram. And the DM-er Leeteuk struck again.

Leeteuk: Hello! You must be into cars. I look at a lot of cars too, so I came across yours. Remember to wear a mask out. Stay healthy!

Model: Thank you! Masks are a must!
Leeteuk: I’m waiting for the Porsche 992.
Leeteuk: What do you think about Porsches? I’ve heard good things about them, so I sold my old car and have been waiting for the past 6 months.
Model: I have a 718S and I’m happy with it! It’s nice.

Leeteuk: When my car comes out, let’s go on a drive together.
Model: Okay, I’m in a club for people who like cars. If you’re interested, you can join us.
Leeteuk: You must really like driving. I live in Seongsu-dong. cr

original post: theqoo

1. Didn’t he get thrown under the bus for this before already…? Why does he keep seeking out women on Instagram?

2. Just ask your friends to set you up… Or try your luck with other celebrities… I don’t not like Leeteuk but this is kind of weird

3. My god, if you’re lonely, then just ask your friends to set you up…

4. Wow, if this bites him in the ass every single time, he should learn to stopㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I guess he really can’t keep himself together, huh?

5. Looks like a severe lack of affection to me. I feel sorry for him.

6. Didn’t he also try to hit on an idol hoobae 13 years younger than he is and get caught in the act before?

7. Not once or twice, why does he keep doing this? He really couldn’t stop…

8. I’m not even a fan of him, but why I’m ashamed.. He’s handsome and rich. Why does he keep seeking out women on Instagram?

9. Please think about your fans and stop doing this…

10. He’s the leader, he should think of the group image… He’s really shameless