SuperM becomes global ambassadors of Korean Air


Taemin, Baekhyun, Kai, Taeyong, Mark, Lucas, Ten

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1. [+228, -30] Of course, the models have to be handsome ones.

2. [+201, -64] Seeing how Korean Air appoints them as global ambassadors, SuperM must be doing very well. They’ve been charting on Billboard 200 for 4 consecutive weeks.

3. [+186, -82] That fandom is gonna come and downvote this post.

4. [+80, -12] Even if you call this group as bundles, SM’s stocks skyrocketed since their Billboard results, they signed a contract with CAA, filmed a Korean Air CF, and have been charting on Billboard for 4 week. I can’t believe how the top comments have been calling them bundlesㅋㅋ People can’t stand others doing well.

5. [+66, -9] So handsome.

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