SuperM, Billboard 200, followed by No. 1 on the Artist 100 chart

SuperM is No. 1 on Billboard's Artist 100 chart

SuperM is No. 1 on Billboard 200, followed by No. 1 in the Artist 100 chart.

SuperM is the second Korean singer to be No. 1 on the Artist 100 chart.

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1. [+270, -47] #1 on Billboard 200 and not in Hot 100!! This is a new history, right? Congratulations.

2. [+235, -41] I wish they didn’t get stuck in K-pop anymore. I hope that Korea will not be an image of a country that does not value the process, and does not hesitate to do anything for honor and money. I’m really disappointed with the way SM did

3. [+209, -33] If you look at album sales, you can see how many real buyers and fans there are … It’s clear that album sales actually affect Billboard 200, but their record is thanks to bundles and Korean fans. A comprehensive chart, but streaming and radio are low. They can’t even be in Hot 100. Bundles are the last one. This is the most controversial record ever

4. [+146, -27] Bangtan is more awesome…ㄷㄷ It’s great that Bangtan is No. 1 on Billboard thanks to their songs and American fans without the company’s push with bundles like that. Really amazing …

5. [+130, -21] Most of the fans in Korea bought it. Unbelievable … How are you No. 1 that way?

6. [+88, -9] This is the first time that the No. 1 singer on Billboard 200 but not in Hot 100;

7. [+75, -13] You don’t write articles about criticism from foreign media… Foreign media is badly criticizing SuperM..

8. [+48, -7] No. 1 Billboard of BTS without bundles .. The New York Times was concerned that SuperM would distort music charts … Forbes said SuperM didn’t do well on any chart other than the Billboard 200 … K-Pop fans criticized SM’s method .. Nicki Minaj criticized SuperM .. K-Pop critics worry that K-pop will lose credibility in the US market … Seriously, they’re jealous of the success of BTS, BLACKPINK, MONSTA X, and Seventeen.

9. [+44, -7] Well … ;;; SM also bribes journalists

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