SuperM is predicted to rank #4 on Billboard 200

SuperM is predicted to rank #4 on Billboard 200
SuperM is predicted to rank #4 on Billboard 200

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1. Even if you sold 100,000 copies in the first week, if you were weak at streaming, you would be pushed back by other singers and you couldn’t be No. 1 on the Billboard album chart.

2. 4th place is goodㅋㅋ

3. It’s 4th place with all the CDs sold for concerts and merchandise.

4. Well … They put an album on the merchandise as a free gift and included the album in the concert tickets.

5. All that remains of SuperM’s debut is ridicule and shame

6. I don’t want to blame them for their achievements, but people commenting badly about them is inevitable. Why do they call themselves the K-Pop Avengers?

7. SuperM sells everything that comes with their album to take first place on Billboard 200 (cd + Digital Album, T-shirt + album, fan meeting ticket + album, concert ticket + album). I’m really disappointed about them

8. SuperM fans told me to cheer for them because they are Korean. Are all of them really Korean? Why should I cheer for them when even many fans of the members didn’t support the group

9. It’s only the 4th place of album sales for the first week, they couldn’t even do well on the Spotify chart. They’re just the Avengers of SM.

10. If Chinese or Japanese singers are predicted to rank #4 on Billboard 200, what is the reaction in Korea? … We should congratulate SuperM.

11. 4th place is good. Why don’t you cheer for them? You’re disgusting.

12. I hope SuperM will get more fans and get better and better

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