‘Famous promoter’ Kevin Morrow “SuperM will get attention as the representative of K-POP after BTS”

"SuperM will get attention as K-POP's representative after BTS"

Kevin Morrow is CEO of Steel Wool Entertainment, a multi-faceted entertainment company based in Los Angeles.

"SuperM will get attention as K-POP's representative after BTS"

Morrow said, “SM Entertainment’s SuperM will be the next K-POP representative who will be as successful as BTS. I think SuperM will be the main player that will continue K-POP’s explosive popularity in the global market.”

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1. [+363, -17] There is no empathy. I definitely will not have another group like BTS. BTS is completely different from the groups that seem to gather only poor quality dancing robots.

2. [+205, -4] Ugh… I’ll take care of EXO. What are you doing? You will be ashamed if you fail after the noisy action like this, so please do it quietly.

3. [+179, -1] Is that possible? It’s not easy for SM to conquer the world music market…

4. [+156, -3] You’re gathering EXO and SHINee members and you think they will succeed after BTS. What a shame!

5. [+76, -0] I don’t like the title.

6. [+65, -1] Well, the success of BTS is because they overcame the hard process, worked hard, spoke their voices and breathed with their fans. Especially the deep lyrics and songs that could span generations, their good personalities and their synergies. And they don’t get excited like this…

7. [+54, -1] Bangtan: Well done and written articles. SM: The exaggerated articles before…

8. [+45, -0] Being successful like BTS can be one of the goals, but isn’t it your goal to create your own good music and performance? I’m sure you’ll find out how to do, but… Too much focus on achievement, that’s not good.

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