SuperM’s debut album on iTunes chart

original post: theqoo

1. SuperM is not like normal rookies. That’s bad start.

2. They could debut in China with this same concept and song

3. Look at the ranking of the song #261 in the US…

4. I’m curious after 24 hours

5. Look at #261 on the song chart

6. Because North America is dawn now, should we wait any longer?

7. Aren’t they the most popular members in each group? Their fans?

8. I don’t know anything else and some people think SuperM is a rookie group

9. I don’t know what the hell is SM thinking… You gather the best of each group and push it to the fullest!! You think it’s good, but .. I feel like they’re missing something important.

10. It’s dawn in North America, so we will climb more, wait, don’t say anything.

11. Is it not good? I think the stage will be good, but the song itself is not good.

12. Idol groups need looks and skills, but isn’t it the most important? Each group has a unique story. It’s not good to gather good members from each group. Anyway, it’s a Korean group, so I hope it’s good

13. I really look forward to this new song, but the music video is like the music video of Chinese groups … Who is planning? Do you really think it will succeed in the US?

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