SuperM, No. 11 on Billboard 200 … 2 weeks in a row

SuperM's debut mini album spends 2nd week at No. 11 on Billboard 200

SuperM remains in the Top 20 of the Billboard 200 this week!

After debuting on the chart at No. 1 last week, the group’s first release “SuperM – The 1st Mini Album” has grabbed No. 11 on the chart dated October 26.

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1. [+331, -51] Those who leave malicious comments, you guys are not awake yet

2. [+342, -70] Congrats on SuperM!!!! Thank you for your hard work!!

3. [+276, -46] I don’t know where the bad guys come from ㅠㅠ but at least you guys shouldn’t live like that! Congrats on SuperM, fighting.

4. [+578, -356] Shame on you … if you want …

5. [+550, -342] The number of tickets sold in bundles in the United States is still not over and concert tickets are not sold out. It’s more problematic that the U.S. company bought most of it and sold it to local fans. It’s obviously a chart-breaking act, but it’s not illegal, so it’s okay.

6. [+159, -7] Congratulations~ I’m looking forward to this week’s reality show.

7. [+152, -22] Live, dance, good looks, and everything. SuperM fighting

8. [+132, -10] SuperM fighting!!

9. [+124, -19] Please stop making bad comments. The bad guys have been following SuperM every article for more than a week and leaving malicious comments … Billboard issued two explanatory articles, and Billboard K-pop reporter congratulated SuperM. If it was unjustified, the Billboard team would have taken it away. Please don’t say anything bad.

10. [+108, -6] Looking forward to Friday’s broadcast!! SuperM fighting!!

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