SuperM, No. 1 on Billboard 200 “Happy with the good results”

SuperM's first place on Billboard 200 gets negative comments
SuperM's first place on Billboard 200 gets negative comments

SuperM debuts at No. 1 on Billboard 200 albums chart with ‘The 1st Mini Album’

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1. [+998, -151] All the other music and album charts are ruined, but there’s a reason to be No. 1 on Billboard’s album chart: when you buy tickets on tour, buy one of the merchandise, they give you an album, they forced Korean fans to buy them on the US Website without releasing them in Korea, they did everything to win first place on Billboard. In the end, they won first place, but is this really the No. 1?

2. [+737, -93] There’s an article on Billboard. “A total of 60 merchandise/album bundles available to purchase through their official web stores, a concert ticket/album sale redemption offer with their upcoming arena tour and eight different CD variants of the album (seven with a different cover for each member, along with a group edition). The act also staged a week-long pop-up shop in Los Angeles during street week, where fans could buy the CD (as well as oodles of individual merch items).” In addition, it has been recognized that Korean fans bought it with American addresses at Yes24, SM Global Shop. Wonder Girls are mocked for selling their album and holding it for 10 years. You don’t know. The Billboard is not quite right either. I guess Chinese and Japanese singers didn’t do it because they didn’t have money. From now on, Americans look at K-Pop like scammers.

3. [+491, -80] SM and their fans, do you realize what you did to Kpop singers? Even Yang Hyun Suk didn’t do it. Are you proud of your grades with money?

4. [+402, -52] They’re already ridiculed in the U.S. What if we celebrate here? You’re embarrassing me.

5. [+324, -21] Billboard said it was their ruse…

6. [+180, -11] Fact: Bangtan is No. 1 on Billboard 200, followed by No. 8 on Billboard Hot 100, on iTunes and Spotify, but this group is No. 1 on Billboard 200 and not on the rest of the charts. .. If you are No. 1 on Billboard 200, you will have to rank well all the other charts. Do you want to congratulate each other? Well, congratulations if you’re No. 1 in a fair way, but this is not it. You should be ashamed.

7. [+150, -16] I’m so ashamed of their 1st place on Billboard

8. [+139, -7] They didn’t enter Spotify either, but they’re No. 1 on Billboard 200. Honestly, I don’t care if they’re embarrassed or not, but I’m afraid it’s going to undermine the great record that the other singer’s hard work has achieved.

9. [+110, -9] They should be ashamed

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