SuperM’s Spotify update

SuperM's Spotify update

WW 145th

This is their chart entry for their US advancement

original post: theqoo

1. No but J-Hope didn’t even get any promotion and was able to hit 90th …

2. I watched their music video, but the music didn’t reach my ears. It’s not my hobby, but it’s rare to see a song or music video that doesn’t attract much attention of SM.

3. They call themselves the Kpop Avengers… This was an ambitious plan to have a huge fan base by gathering fandoms from SM groups. Well, they spent a lot of money to promote, but their achievements was too bad. They had hoped that it would be good, but it was bitter in many ways …

4. They promoted too much… But their rankings are lower than TWICE, who didn’t promote in the US and released the song before them ㅋㅋㅋ

5. The last two songs are my favorite songs

6. And they called themselves the Kpop Avengers …..

7. I was curious to listen to this song, but the song didn’t even do well on music charts in Korea. Isn’t that an NCT song?

8. But to be honest, their song is so bad

9. Ah damn

10. So sad

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