Suzy “Thank JYP for 9 years … I’ll show you a good image”

Suzy's letter send to JYP expresses her feelings

“Hello. It’s Suzy.

My contract with JYP, the agency I have been with since my debut, has ended, and starting from today, I will be with a new agency SOOP Management.

From beginning as a trainee and debuting, until now nine years later, the glorious moments I had with JYP have flashed by.

Even though, from today, I am going to starting somewhere new, I am sincerely grateful to all the staff at JYP for always being by my side and giving me support over the past nine years. Thank you to all of my fans for always cheering me on as well.

Moving forward, during my time with SOOP Management as well, I will work hard to show you a good image.”

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Suzy's letter send to JYP expresses her feelings
Suzy's letter send to JYP expresses her feelings

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1.[+1738, -57] It’s great to meet JYP. Park Jin Young’s face looks very much like Gorilla. Everyone was struggling for each other. The management company and artists are great.

2. [+1075, -31] JYP seems to be the only big agency that starts and ends well from start to finish it

3. [+595, -27] That’s a wonderful farewell.. It’s look great watching her grow up and encouraging her to go to a better place. I will always support you both singing and acting.

4. [+369, -17] It is natural to move to a suitable workplaceㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+199, -13] I will always support you~ Fighting!

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