Hyomin Sending Aid To The Wildfire Victims

“In a shocked state of mind, I wondered what I can do to be of some help, and I decided to do my best to help in a direct way and send relief goods for the Gangwon Province wildfire today. They say that they need a lot of help on site because of the damage. I’m posting this, so a lot more people can see and participate. I sincerely hope that with everyone’s help it could get better sooner rather than later.”

original post: theqoo

1.There’s one picture missing here’s the other one

2. So cool, thank you

3. I’m so thankful that she went above and beyond to search for these, such a pretty heart

4. Such a good action and it’s also nice that she gave out the information (T/n: she wrote about the safe shelters), I’m seeing her in a new light

5. Wow she has so much sense, those are actually useful

6. The goods are so useful, she is so clever and she sent out so much tooㄷㄷ very cool

7. The damp tissue is so usefulㅠㅠ

8. A queen

9. So amazing of her, this is better than sending money..

10. Hyomin really seems like such a kind person

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