Please leave comments cheering for me, Hyomin’s honest answer about malicious comments for 7 years

T-ARA Hyomin's honest answer about malicious comments for 7 years

She said. “When I saw bad comments, I tried to smile, but I couldn’t help but be sad and sick.”

T-ARA Hyomin's honest answer about malicious comments for 7 years

Hyomin explained that during a difficult time for the group, she felt like they were avoided by other artists when everyone gathered on stage at the end of music shows.

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1. [+741, -57] The twins who deserve outcast, who were playing victim’s game …. I don’t want them to be in the drama… I don’t want to see them!!! I don’t even explain it properly! Although the staff said everything, they still proved to be a victim. Their facial skin is too thick.

2. [+452, -48] When Hyomin was on Radio Star, she was smiling, but she looked as if she would cry. I’m sorry to hear that there is a lot of internal hurt. Please cheer for Hyomin. I hope you are always bright and happy with your beautiful face.

3. [+269, -25] I don’t want to watch the twins on TV.

4. [+100, -35] Hyomin, I love you~ Be healthy and happy.

5. [+51, -6] Honestly, if she sues the bad guys, she will be able to earn enough money for three generations to play and eat.

6. [+45, -16] T-ara was a girl group with so many famous songs. I’m sorry, but cheer up. I’ll cheer you on!

7. [+32, -4] She said she had a lot of bad comments. But you’re doing great. I wish you all the best.

8. [+30, -9] She was so nice, I felt sincere when I saw her. Hyomin, cheer up! I don’t even care about your past before. I will leave you a support message, I really want to support her. Don’t give up. I hope all the best for a beautiful girl who has a tender heart and strength.

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