Taecyeon, Choosing military service by renouncing permanent residence in the US -> discharged today (16)

Taecyeon discharged from military at the White House today

Taecyeon to complete his 20-month military service at the White House in Gyeonggi today (16).

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1.[+4190, -17] A nice person

2. [+2043, -25] If Yoo Seung-Jun had done that, he would have remained a legend in the K-pop scene by now.

3. [+1519, -13] As the same man, I honestly respect him. It must have been an not easy decision. He’s a real man, Ok Taecyeon.

4. [+1300, -8] He’s a wonderful young man.

5. [+819, -12] I love you! I see you on entertainment shows.

6. [+376, -0] He had an exemption card but he gave up his permanent residence and surgery to enlist, he was a legend.

7. [+233, -3] He enlisted by surgery… I cann’t admit this. If another person are an ordinary person or an entertainer, they will not try to do this. Really can’t compare with him.

8. [+202, -4] I see a young man in the face. People who marry such a person seem to be happy all their lives.

9. [+172, -20] I’m sure JYP kids have good personalities.

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