Girls’ Generation Taeyeon ‘Sparkling than the stars in the night sky’

Taeyeon arrives at the airport dressed all in black

Taeyeon was spotted at Incheon airport earlier this afternoon as she arrived for her flight out to Bangkok.

Taeyeon on her way to Bangkok for ‘2019 BEST OF BEST CONCERT IN BANGKOK’

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1. [+840, -27] Take care of yourself, Taeyeon. I’ll always wait.

2. [+369, -20] Taeyeon, I love you. Have a great trip.

3. [+288, -12] Take care of yourself, Taeyeon. The concert will be good.

4. [+234, -12] Taeyeon will do well, be careful. I love you.

5. [+196, -12] Taeyeon, take care of yourself and be careful. The concert will be good.

6. [+143, -4] But I’m relieved to see her face. Have a great trip.

7. [+95, -4] Taeyeon is one of the entertainers that I want her to be happy..

8. [+84, -3] Taeyeon, whenever you feel tired, your fans will always be with you

9. [+46, -1] Don’t comment maliciously!!!

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