Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon loses her father on the 9th… Tragic news on her 31st birthday

Taeyeon's father passes away on her birthday

On March 9, Edaily reported that Taeyeon’s father passed away this day due to sudden cardiac arrest.

A source from SM Entertainment confirmed the report and said, “Taeyeon is setting up his funeral with her family. The funeral will be held quietly within the family.”

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1. [+3873, -63] The world is so cruel, on her birthday of all days… rest in peace.

2. [+2958, -85] Hul, on the day of her birthday. Today is also the day of her new song release….ㅜ

3. [+2813, -58] Life is so… to have this happen on her birthday…

4. [+282, -5] He didn’t die from disease, he died so suddenly. The shock must be big to her.

5. [+243, -4] I know people say we shouldn’t worry about celebrities but her father died on her birthday, that’s so terrible

6. [+240, -4] Her birthday is the day of her father’s death… What is this….

7. [+211, -10] Two friends, her father.. close ones were leaving. I’m really concerned about her depression. I hope her friends and family look after her well.

8. [+173, -3] ..How tragic to lose her father on her birthday.. She’s already going through a hard time, what to do ㅠㅠ

9. [+169, -4] He was someone who was so proud of her, even named his glass store ‘Taeyeon’s Glass Store’..ㅜ rest in peace.. Taeyeon-ssi, I’m sure you’re so sad, but please take care of yourself..

10. [+162, -2] I remember seeing her father’s picture on her oppa’s Instagram. He was still young and healthy. What a shocking death.

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