Thanks to BTS, how many passengers?

Thanks to BTS, how many passengers?

AREX (airport rail line) recorded its highest number of passengers (326,386) on the 25th, breaking a previous record of 310,000 on May 31. A major reason cited for this significant increase is the number of Japanese travelers to Korea for BTS’s concert at Jamsil Stadium.

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1. [+581, -3] I heard that the number of tourists has decreased, but it has increased because of BTS concerts. The economic value of BTS is 5.6 trillion won. After the Wembley concert, I watched a video of a subway full of people on Youtube and it made me feel crazy. Our country knows the value of BTS, but it seems that BTS doesn’t get what they deserve

2. [+310, -0] As expected from Bangtan

3. [+279, -0] Thanks to Bangtan, this is how the nation’s economy grows

4. [+184, -0] BTS is the best in many ways.

5. [+151, -0] As expected from BTS, the same thing happened with express buses.

6. [+33, -0] Today, I went to the Lotte Duty Free Shop in Myeongdong, and there was a long line on the first floor. I thought there was a certain event, so I went to another place, but it turned out to be Bangtan fans. I was surprised to see foreigners waiting to take pictures.

7. [+31, -0] Wow~ And will you still send them to the army? What’s worse than a gold medal?

8. [+28, -0] 50,000 Japanese people??? A lot of Japanese people who came even though they couldn’t attend the concert ??? Saving the economy is Bangtan.

9. [+22, -0] To be honest, Bangtan is popular all over the world. I’m so proud of Bangtan.

10. [+19, -0] There were a lot of Bangtan fans at the airport…

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