39th anniversary of Gwangju democracy movement (May 18), Thanks to the lyrics, foreign fans of BTS visit Gwangju Cemetery

Thanks to BTS lyrics, foreign fans visit Gwangju cemetery on anniversary

To interpret the meaning with the curiosity of the lyrics “Ma City“, more and more Army research on ‘Gwangju Democratic Movement’ in history.

Thanks to BTS lyrics, foreign fans visit Gwangju cemetery on anniversary

Some foreign fans visited Gwangju Cemetery. Vietnamese and Ukrainian fans went to Gwangju to watch BTS performances and found Gwangju Cemetery (May 18) that attracted attention.

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1.[+563, -4] BTS is young singers but respectable

2. [+302, -3] J-Hope, who knows how to express his thoughts with music. I’m curious about the meaning of each artist’s lyrics. I love the fans who want to get to know them.

3. [+210, -3] I’m a fan of BTS from today.

4. [+165, -3] BTS doesn’t disappoint us. BTS will show us everything.

5. [+37, -2] 518-062 in the lyrics is about the 5.18 memorial right? Bang Si-hyuk, how can you bring together a group of kids with the same concept?

6. [+32, -1] In 2015, when he was younger than now, J-Hope was a great artist when he could express his thoughts in the lyrics with confidence while putting his hometown. I think it’s really cool and amazing. And I’ll continue to support you as a confident music artist.

7. [+23, -0] There’s also Suga’s 518-062. Nice concept idol~!!

8. [+17, -1] This is an example of good influence.

9. [+15, -0] What is the cultural influence of BTS? What a great influence a well-bred idol group has. They are wonderful young people… I heard their private lives are clean, but I admire them for acting responsibly as a national treasure idol. I’m rooting for BTS and Army too!

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