The 2 songs are likely to be ranked 1 and 2 on Melon 2021 yearly chart

IU – Celebrity
Brave Girls – Rollin’

I don’t know who will be #1

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1. Rollin Rollin Rollin <😘>

2. However, the number of cumulative users is still too different

3. I’m a dance music fan, and I don’t like light songs, but I love ‘Celebrity’

4. It’s summer so Rollin will continue to rise and looks like it will be #1

5. Personally, I prefer Rollin

6. It’s summer now, so I’ll listen to Rollin

7. But I don’t know much about music charts, but will it be one of these two songs? But even when BTS makes a comeback, can’t BTS catch up with them?

8. If you look at the trend, it’s Rollin

9. When BTS makes a comeback, the story will change again

10. Rollin will do better in the summer and Celebrity will do better in the fall and winter

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