The actress who looks the prettiest among actresses in their 20s

Han So Hee

original post: theqoo

1. She’s so pretty and her vibe is unique, looks like she was born to be an actress

2. I became a fan of her after watching ‘My Name’.. Her acting was so good and she seems to have put a lot of effort into digesting the action scenes in My Name. I’m waiting for her next movie

3. I thought of Go Yoon Jung, but I agree with Han So Hee, she’s so pretty

4. I think of Moon Ga Young because of her outstanding visuals

5. She’s so pretty, but she’s not only pretty, she has a unique vibe

6. She’s so pretty these days, Han So Hee and Go Yoon Jung are the prettiest

7. She’s so pretty and her acting is good too

8. She’s so f*cking pretty, her body and proportions are so good, her full body photos are amazing

9. I thought of Han So Hee, as expected ㅠㅠ

10. She’s a good actress and she’s so charming. I became a fan after watching ‘My Name’