The answer from the Korean Military Commission on the exemption for BTS

The answer from the Korean Military Commission on the exemption for BTS

“Military service exceptions will be chosen by us and the Minister of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. It will be difficult if the public consensus is not formed. We will consider it to make it suitable for reality.”

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1.I want them to consider the idea of postponing military service for BTS

2. Don’t worry about whether or not BTS is exempt

3. It seems difficult … I find it not easy to get consensus from the majority of the public.

4. But … if this happens, do all the other singers complain? If BTS is exempt from military service, will other singers go without saying anything?

5. Singers and fans don’t say anything about exemptions!!! Why? The others!

6. A national consensus will be formed …

7. I think it is simply postponed for BTS to have a chance to grow …

8. The exemption for BTS is a third-party petition, BTS and fans don’t say anything about it … what are you doing? ㅠㅜ

9. Huh … Please stop …

10. I think BTS will enlist …

11. Even if laws are not amended, the president can still exempt BTS. Even in the World Cup 2002, football players were not exempted from 4th place but they had a national consensus and the president exempted them. Anyway, I feel happy because this issue is discussed.

12. If this passes, will professional gamers be exempt?

13. BTS will go … They will enlist and return, and they can do well with the remaining members. In particular, because all BTS members are deeply involved in their album, there is nothing to worry about music because there are no specific members.

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